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Dave Pascoe

61 y.o. Dave Pascoe's regimen

Dave Pascoe is 61 years old (born in August), with an epigenetic age of 37.95, equating to aging at 0.66 years for each calendar year. He takes the #3 position on Rejuvenation Leaderboard, living a life geared toward health, fitness, and longevity. A former Network Security Engineer turned biohacker and AI enthusiast, he believes in self-experimentation and updates his routine frequently. He is relying only on publicly available research. He doesn't follow a vegan diet or even caloric restriction. Notably, he doesn't use testosterone replacement but has been using thyroid hormones after the malfunctioning of his 30s. Drawing from motivation by other biohackers like Jenvel and Bryan Johnson, he takes us into his journey of contributing to the longevity and rejuvenation field.

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Dave Pascoe's Daily Routine & Supplements List

Morning Routine

Morning Supplements & Routine

  • Wake-up whenever I wake up! No alarm! No stress!

  • While still in bed:

  •   Bemer B.Body mat, level 10 intensity for 8 minutes

  •   Stretch lower back (I need a new mattress): feet overhead with knees to chest, shins to forehead, for however long it takes to get there fully.

  • Take ‘On-Waking’ Medications & Supplements (see list)

  • Begin listening to Podcasts (see subscriptions) and/or to Audible Book Selection (see list)

  •   Add another half cup of 3-stage filtered water to completely fill my glass mug.

  • Methylene Blue, occasionally

  • H2 tablet, occasionally

  • Joovv session, 20 minutes, hopefully before sunrise

  • CAROL Bike sprint (new acquisition as of 11/14/2023)

  • Prepare and begin drinking Pre/Post Workout Supplement Shake (see ingredients) throughout workouts.

  • One teaspoon each of the following:

  •   BulletProof MCT Oil

  • C60 in EVOO

  •   Rosita Cod Liver Oil

  •   Siberian Sea Buckthorn Oil

  • Step outside for some sunrise exposure.

  • Normally, an outdoor walk or run would occur here in warmer weather. To avoid a slip & fall injury during the winter months, I opt for the treadmill in my basement whenever the outdoor temperature drops below freezing and/or snow & ice are present.


Early/Mid Afternoon Routine (occasional)


Dave Pascoe's Late Afternoon/Early Evening Routine

  • End of listening to Podcasts, Audible books, and YouTube videos 

  • Eat Dinner, typically between 3-5pm. (see Dinner menu)

  • Evening Supplements (see list) plus proteolytic enzymes, taken with dinner, weekdays only.

  • Begin watching Netflix in the kitchen while dining.  (Again, not very mindful)

  • Smart Home with Philips Hue light bulbs in recessed lighting all through the house, shift to red at sundown and progressively dim throughout the evening.

  • All screens (TVs, monitors, tablets, phones) are set to automatically reduce blue light on a schedule.

  • I put on Blue Blocking glasses for everything else.

After Dinner

After Dinner Routine

Continue watching Netflix in the Den while working on balance and flexibility with:


Bedtime Routine

Apply whole-body skin treatments, especially on face, neck, chest, and hands, combining and/or rotating the following products:

Sleep Breakthrough

  •   Collagen Peptides, 2 scoops (in light of the above update, I may move Collagen Peptides to after dinner)

  •   H.V.M.N. Ketone IQ -15-30ml

  • Rapamycin - 6mg (weekly, or once every 2 weeks, on a Friday night)

  • Inject evening peptides, when applicable. Presently doing a round of Thymosin Alpha-1, TB-500, Thymulin, and BPC-157

  • Bemer B.Body mat, Program 2, without pulse, for 16 minutes, as I fall asleep.

  • Pray & review my daily blessings, until I fall asleep.

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