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Bryan Johnson

Blueprint Protocol: how he takes over 100 pills a day, and keeps a leadership on the rejuvenation leaderboard

Bryan Johnson is the founder of Blueprint, Zeroism, Kernel, and OS Fund, and also Braintree Venmo. Over two years, he followed a program called Blueprint, which significantly slowed his aging. He ranked as #1 on Rejuvenation Leaderboard His body now ages slower than 88% of 18-year-olds, and he has lower body inflammation and high physical fitness compared to his peers. His results show a remarkable reduction in aging and improvements in many health markers. He is known as "The Most Measured Man in Human History"

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Bryan Johnson's Blueprint Protocol Supplements Stack


Bryan Johnson's Protocol Results

Bryan Johnson

"The Most Measured Man in Human History"

• Chronological Age: 46

• Pace of Aging: 0.64

• #1 Rejuvenation Leaderboard

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Morning Supplements

Upon waking

A tech millionaire and biohacker, Bryan Johnson, whose ultimate goal is not to die, takes up to 100 pills of supplements and prescription medications daily


Bryan Johnson's Dinner is at 11am

Before bed

Bed regimen

He takes melatonin because when intermittent fasting (and probably calorie reduction as well), the body creates more adrenaline to counteract the restriction of energy. I don’t do longer fasts, nor does Bryan Johnson, but I’ve heard from just about every person whose done multiple day fasts that they need less sleep when fasting. And since Johnson is fasting 10 hours before bed, and because he is doing a healthy amount of calorie restriction that doesn’t cause fatigue for him, he needs to be more intentional with his sleep routine to make sure he gets enough. Melatonin is one of the tools he uses to ensure that.

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Additional Supplements

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 30 mL daily 
  • Pea Protein, 29 grams daily
  • Dark Chocolate, 15 grams
  • Rapamycin
    wk 1: 13 mg
    wk 2: 6 mg
    wk 3: 13 mg
    wk 4: 6 mg 
  • 17α-E2, 8 mg wk transdermal
  • B12 methylcobalamin 1x/wk
  • Aspirin 81 mg 3x wk
  • 112 mcg Levothyroxine, 60 mg Armour Thyroid (diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 21)
dentist visit

Bryan Johnson's Oral Care Measurements


Bryan mentioned he was loosing attachment of teeth, he didn't know if his teeth were good. And even he was visiting dentists on a regular basis, he mentions there are some metrics to consider as extra measurements for your oral health. He mentioned them on his video

Before doing any oral care protocol, Bryan recommends to visit doctor. In his blog he mentions, he controls four measurements:

  • Pocket Depth – depth from the beginning of the gum to the bottom of the pocket. 1-3mm is great, more than 4mm is bad
  • Attachment Loss
  • Plaque Index
  • Gum Bleeding – how easy your gum is easy to bleed

It’s wise to visit the dentist every 6 months or so, to get a teeth cleaning, remove the stains, and get an assessment on how we doing we oral health


Bryan Johnson's Oral Care Routine

A note: He has stopped rinsing with tea tree oil because the data showed it wasn’t necessary for his oral health. It may work for you, however.

There was a debate on Reddit, where people complain Bryan states that he uses Dr. Tung's dental floss because in the studies they evaluated it showed a 25% increase in the amount of plaque it picks up. References include small studies with no statistical analysis. However, other users followed-up: The statement was in regards to thick vs thin floss which does not exclusively apply to Dr. Tung's expanding floss

Reddit Debate

Bryan recommends 3 things for the lifestyle to maintain good dental condition:

  • Avoid Sugar
  • Some teeth may be sensitive to Acidic liquids
  • Avoid Dry Mouth Condition

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