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Julie Gibson Clark

Julie Gibson Clark supplements, routine, and diet

Julie Gibson Clark, a Phoenix-based single mother, defies conventional aging with her groundbreaking approach. At 55, her biological age is in decline, as confirmed by cutting-edge epigenetic DNA tests. She is ranked #2 on the leaderboard. Surpassing tech moguls in the global Rejuvenation Olympics, Clark emphasizes accessible methods over extravagant spending, allocating a modest $27 monthly for gym access and $79 for NOVOS supplements. Her routine blends vegetable-rich nutrition, balanced workouts encompassing cardio and strength training, and rejuvenating sauna sessions followed by cold showers. Clark's motivation? Her 17-year-old son, driving her to prioritize longevity for their shared future. Join her journey towards a vibrant, resilient life—simple yet revolutionary

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Julie Gibson Clark Anti-Aging Routine

Approx. 06:00 - 09:00

Morning Routine: Supplements & Diet

  • First Thing (5am): Wake, dress, read/pray/meditate, green tea. Quiet, still morning hours cherished. Weekends allow for more sleep
  • Wake up and start the day: Around 06:00
  • Vegetable-rich breakfast: Consuming about 16 ounces of vegetables, including carrots, radishes, and peppers.
  • NOVOS Labs' Supplements: Longevity Core ($79 / month)
  • **Exercise at the gym:**Mix of cardio and strength training, focusing on different muscle groups.
  • Meditation: Possibly integrated into her morning routine for mental well-being and stress reduction.

10am (First Meal): Varies seasonally.

Cold weather: bone broth greens latte. Spring: goat milk yogurt. Hot months: smoothie. Includes 4 oz cooked greens, 4-8 oz bone broth, using recipes from "Better Broths and Healing Tonics."

Daytime Activities (During Work Hours)

Daytime Activities

  • Snacking on healthy options: Incorporating vegetables into her snacks during the workday to maintain energy levels and promote overall health.
  • Maintaining hydration: Ensuring adequate water intake throughout the day for optimal body function.
5pm – 10pm

Evening Routine: Post-workout

  • Post-workout recovery: Possibly including stretching or relaxation techniques to prevent muscle soreness.
  • Spending quality time with family: Prioritizing relationships and bonding with her son, emphasizing the importance of family in her life.
  • Sauna and cold shower: Using heat and cold exposure for stress management and potential health benefits.
  • Wind-down activities: Engaging in relaxing activities to prepare for restful sleep, such as reading or listening to calming music
Throughout the Day

  • Healthy eating habits: Consistently incorporating a vegetable-rich diet while limiting refined sugars and grains.
  • Regular exercise: Maintaining an active lifestyle with a combination of gym workouts, outdoor activities, and weekend adventures.
  • Stress management: Utilizing techniques like meditation, sauna sessions, and cold showers to manage stress and promote overall well-being.

Julie Gibson Clark`s Weekly Workout Schedule

  • Monday: Core, Vo2 Max (Norwegian 4x4), sauna & cold shower.
  • Tuesday: Full-body free weights, sauna & cold shower.
  • Wednesday: Core, long cardio (45-75 min), sauna & cold shower.
  • Thursday: Full body, HIT (Super 8), sauna & cold shower.
  • Friday: Rest, sauna & cold shower.
  • Saturday: Hiking/walk.
  • Sunday: No commitments; outdoor activities encouraged.

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