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Dr. Andrew D. Huberman

Huberman protocol: morning routine, workout, supplements, and sleep

Dr. Andrew D. Huberman is a famous brain scientist and a professor at Stanford University's School of Medicine. He is known for his important work on how the brain develops, especially how we see. This article talks about how Dr. Huberman spends his day. It covers his morning routine, how he keeps focused and works well in the afternoon, his exercise habits, what he eats, the supplements he takes, and how he gets ready for a good night's sleep

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Andrew Huberman's Daily Routine

5:30 AM - 7:00 AM

Morning Routine: Kickstarting the Day (5:30 AM - 7:00 AM)

  • Wake-up: Naturally between 5:30 am and 6:30 am, no alarm. Huberman: "Waking up early enhances focus and energy."
  • Hydration: Drinks 2 glasses of water, AG1 by Athletic Greens, and LMNT. AG1: "The simplest way to get essential vitamins." Buy AG1 by Athletic Greens
  • Yoga Nidra: 10-35 minutes to replenish dopamine and reduce cortisol. Huberman: "Yoga Nidra feels like sleeping for hours." 10 min Yoga Nidra | 35 min Yoga Nidra
  • Sun Exposure: 2-10 minutes of sunlight or artificial light if necessary. Huberman: _

"Sunlight in the morning is crucial for sleep quality."_

7:30 AM

Workout Routine: Enhancing Physical Health

  • Workout: Varied daily exercises; supplements like Alpha-GPC and Creatine for performance. Huberman: "Specific supplements can significantly enhance workout performance." Momentous Supplements

Midday Routine: Sustaining Energy and Focus

Midday Routine: Sustaining Energy and Focus

  • Morning Caffeine: Delays caffeine intake until 10:00 AM for adenosine regulation. Prefers Yerba Mate. Huberman: "Delaying caffeine intake prevents afternoon crashes." Buy Yerba Mate
  • First Meal: Around 1:00 PM, following intermittent fasting. Low-carb, high-protein. Intermittent Fasting: "Supports weight loss, insulin sensitivity, and brain health."

Afternoon Routine: Maintaining Balance and Focus

  • Yoga Nidra: Optional second session for extra rest

Huberman: "A second Yoga Nidra can help combat fatigue."

  • Evening Cardio: Prefers cardio in the evening for those splitting workouts.

Huberman: "Evening cardio can be beneficial for those who prefer it."

7:00 PM onwards

Evening Routine: Preparing for Rest

  • Evening Meal: Consumes carbs 3-4 hours before sleep to aid with glycogen replenishment. Huberman: "Carbs at night help with sleep."
  • Sleep Preparation: Dims lights by 9:30 PM; avoids bright lights to support circadian rhythm. Huberman on Blue Light: "Avoid bright lights to not disrupt sleep cycles."
10:30 PM

Sleep: The Cornerstone of Health

  • Reading: Selects from his reading list for relaxation. Huberman: "Reading helps with winding down." Huberman's Reading List
  • Sleep: Aims for at least 6.5 hours; uses supplements like Magnesium Threonate and Theanine. Huberman on Sleep Supplements: "Certain supplements can improve sleep quality." Momentous Sleep Supplements Promocode: Routines15

Supplement insights

  • Blood Testing: Monitors health markers via comprehensive blood tests. InsideTracker Plans
  • 2-Week Challenge: Encourages followers to adopt his routine with a bet for accountability. Take the Challenge

Huberman's routine showcases a blend of scientific insight and personal discipline, aiming to optimize every aspect of physical and mental health.

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