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Dian Ginsberg

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Dian Ginsburg is a obstetrician-gynecologist, an Anti-Aging Expert, Author PCOS roadmap, Young plasma therapy scientist, and menopause expert. She is ranked Top-5 on the Rejuvenation Leaderboard As a women’s health professional, she advocates healthy living habits and aging gracefully when she’s on the clock. Off the clock, she follows a strict fitness regimen that often inspires other women to get active

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Know more about routine of an IRONMAN champion

Dr. Dian Ginsburg, an IRONMAN champion and seasoned triathlete, follows an intensive fitness routine that includes Taekwondo, marathon running, and more.


The Potential of Young Plasma Infusions

Dian Ginsberg, an OB-GYN and anti-aging specialist, explores the rejuvenating potential of young plasma infusions. Plasma sourced from young donors aged 18 to 24, this plasma can reverse aging signals by improving organ function. Ginsberg discusses promising results:

  • Promising Outcomes: Observations suggest significant improvements in Parkinson’s disease symptoms and elderly heart function.
  • Treatment Frequency: Dr. Ginsburg mentioned receiving plasma infusions every 4-6 months to potentially boost longevity

Dive deeper into young plasma infusions in her detailed discussion


Monday: Strength and Swim

  • Early Morning Strength Training (5:30 a.m.): The week starts with a power-packed hour using budget-friendly yet effective gear: a $10 jump rope from Academy Sports + Outdoors, 15-pound barbells, a BOSU ball, and ankle weights.
  • Evening Swim: After work, Ginsberg hits the pool for an hour, swimming laps to boost her endurance and aid muscle recovery.

Tuesday: Track Interval Training

  • Evening Routine: She spends her evenings at Lamar High School's track, focusing on interval training to enhance her speed and stamina

Wednesday: Comprehensive Conditioning

  • Weight Lifting and Spin: From 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., Ginsberg engages in weight lifting to build strength
  • followed by a high-energy spin class at Angie’s House of Pain. She rounds off the evening with a 1.5-mile run, pushing her limits further
Thursday and Weekend

Thursday and Weekend Long-Distance Challenges

  • Thursday Morning Run: Ginsberg runs 6-7 miles, setting the pace for her more demanding weekend activities
  • Saturday Long Run: She undertakes a 12-22 mile run, preparing her for even longer distances
  • Sunday Bike Ride: The week culminates with a 30-100 mile bike ride around Memorial Park, a crucial part of her endurance training

Nutritional Strategies for a Healthy Gut

Dr. Ginsburg emphasizes the importance of a diverse diet to foster a healthy gut microbiome. She recommends including a variety of food groups:

  • Ginger Family: Turmeric, Cardamon, Ginger
  • Cruciferous: Broccoli, Kale, Cauliflower, Kohlrabi
  • Parsley Family: Carrot, Celery, Fennel, Parsley
  • Onion Family: Garlic, Chives, Leeks
  • Leafy Greens: Spinach, Endive, Dandelion
  • Roots and Tubers: Butternut Squash, Jicama, Sweet Potato, Cassava
  • Sea Veggies: Nori, Dulse, Seaweed
  • Berries: Acai, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
  • Fungi: Mushrooms, Kombucha, Nutritional yeast
  • Apple Family: Apples, Apricot, Cherry, Pear

Check out her nutritional tips for maintaining a robust gut microbiome in this video.


Protein Intake

Highlighting the challenge of achieving sufficient protein intake, especially for seniors, Dr. Ginsburg provides specific guidelines:

  • General Adult Requirements: 1.2-1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight
  • Senior Recommendations: Increase intake to 1.6-2.2 grams per kg, depending on health status

Thyroid health

Managing thyroid health is crucial, and Dr. Ginsburg offers a holistic approach that includes dietary choices, regular physical activity, and stress management:

  • Regularly check with your doctor if your thyroid medicine is necessary
  • Dietary Choices: Boost thyroid function by eating foods rich in iodine and selenium, such as seafood, dairy, and nuts
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods – Focus on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce inflammation

More info in the video



Understanding the importance of sleep, Dr. Ginsburg suggests several strategies to improve sleep quality:

  • Consistent Sleep Patterns: Advocates for 7-8 hours of sleep nightly.
  • Monitoring Tools: Uses devices like Whoop or Fitbit to track sleep quality and make adjustments
  • Monitoring heart rate variability and practicing deep breathing during the day can improve sleep quality and reduce daytime fatigue
  • Exercise once a day and incorporate movement throughout the day, such as taking 10 minute walks multiple times, to improve sleep and reduce daytime tiredness

For additional guidance on improving sleep, watch her video on sleep tips



Dr. Dian Ginsberg belives daily regimen for supplements depends on the age and individual factors.

Here's a breakdown of her top list for each age group.

Essential Supplements for All Ages


  • Purpose: Vital for gut health, which is central to overall well-being.
  • Recommendation: Daily intake to support a robust digestive system.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Benefits: Supports brain and cardiovascular health.
  • Usage: Recommended daily for individuals at any age.


  • How to Use: Mix into your morning coffee for ease.
  • Benefits: Helps keep skin supple and supports joint health.

Vitamin D

  • Significance: Essential for immune strength and potential benefits against viruses.
  • Dosage: 2,000 IUs with regular sun exposure; 4,000 IUs if indoors frequently.


  • Note of Caution: Essential but can lead to copper deficiency if overused.
  • Tip: Choose supplements that also contain copper to maintain balance.

Targeted Recommendations by Decade

30s: Combating Stress and Energy Loss

  • Solutions: B complex vitamins with methyl folate, not folic acid, and antioxidants—ideal for those who travel often.

40s: Addressing Hormonal Fluctuations

  • Supplements: DIM for hormonal balance and detox; magnesium threonate for improved sleep and mood stability.

50s and 60s: Managing Metabolism and Digestive Health

  • Key Supplements: Butyrate for gut health and weight management; digestive enzymes and glutathione for better energy utilization and antioxidant protection.

Importance of Supplement Quality

Dr. Ginsberg highlights the significance of choosing high-quality supplements:

  • Nutritional Grade: Least regulated, available in stores.
  • Medical Grade: More controlled.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade: Highest quality, often third-party tested.

Why to Skip Multivitamins

  • Rationale: They typically offer minimal quantities of various nutrients, which may not effectively address specific deficiencies.
  • Better Approach: Perform targeted deficiency tests to customize your supplement strategy

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