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David J. Potter

David J. Potter's Comprehensive Daily Routine

Discover the meticulously detailed daily routine of David J. Potter from the Institute of Regeneration, designed to optimize health and longevity. Visit for an in-depth look.

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David J. Potter's Detailed Daily Routine for Optimal Health


David J. Potter's Comprehensive Daily Routine

Discover the meticulously detailed daily routine of David J. Potter from the Institute of Regeneration, designed to optimize health and longevity. Visit for an in-depth look.

06:00 AM

Early Morning (06:00 AM)

  • Circadian Rhythm Adjustment: Bright light exposure upon waking to align the body's internal clock.
  • Oral Health and Exercise: Start with a xylitol mouth rinse, followed by a refreshing outdoor run.
  • Red/Infrared Light Therapy: Utilize full-body red/infrared light therapy for cellular health (Link).
8:00 AM

Morning Nutrition (08:00 AM)

  • Sun Exposure & Hydration: Brief sun exposure, a cup of fermented beet kvass (Link), and a Nitric Oxide Lozenge.
  • Herbal & Supplement Mix: A blend of dried herbs and powders in water:

Dried peppermint leaves, 1 tbs Dried spearmint leaves, 1 tbs Dried oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, basil, sage, 2 tbs Ceylon cinnamon powder, 1/2 tsp Pomegranate peel powder, 1/2 tsp Parsley powder, 1/4 tsp Psyllium husk powder, 1 tbs

09:00 AM

Breakfast (09:00 AM)

  1. Diverse Meal: Shrimp with sunflower greens or carrots, a blend of avocado, frisee, radicchio, blackberries, cranberries, lime juice, and water. Include fermented coconut yogurt and macadamia nuts for varied nutrients.
  2. Supplements: A comprehensive list:
  • Arterial Protect, Life Extension, 2 capsules
  • Aged Garlic Extract, Kyolic, 2 capsules
  • Annatto-E 300, Designs For Health, 1 capsules Link
  • Arterosil, Designs for Health, 1 capsule
  • Astaxanthin, Designs For Health, 1 capsule Link

  • Aswagandha, Tribe Organics, 1 capsule
  • Biotin 5mg, Allergy Research Group, 1 capsule
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil, Sports Nutrition, 1 capsule
  • Boron, Pure Encapsulations, 1 capsule
  • Broc Elite Plus, Mara Labs, 1 capsule
  • CocoaVia Cardio Health, 2 capsules

  • Cordyceps Mushrooms, Real Mushrooms, 1 capsule
  • Curcumin, Prodrome Sciences, 2 capsules
  • Five Defenders Mushrooms, Real Mushrooms, 1 capsule
  • Lithium, Pure Encapsulations, 1 capsule
  • Lycopene 10 mg, NOW Foods, 1 capsule
  • Perfect Amino, Body Health, 10 tablets

  • Pomegranate Plus, Pure Encapsulations, 1 capsule
  • Primal Multi, Designs for Health, 1 capsule
  • Super K, Life Extension, 1 capsule
  • Taurine, Designs For Health, 1 capsule
  • Tru Niagen Pro 300, ChromaDex, 1 capsule Link
  • Vitamin C Time Release 1000mg, Solary
  • Vitamin D3, Jarrow, 10000IU
11:30 AM

Mid-Morning Hydration (11:30 AM)

  • Molecular Hydrogen Water: A tablet of molecular hydrogen in water for antioxidant support
12:00 PM

Lunch (12:00 PM)

  • Cooked Meal: A nutritious soup with lentils, leeks, shallot, fennel, salmon, and salt, ensuring to use a range hood vent. Accompanied by mixed leafy greens, olives, and berries.
  • Outdoor Time: Sun exposure post-lunch to support eye health and prevent myopia.

Dinner (04:30 PM)

  1. Balanced Meal: Early dinner consisting of chicken, pearled sorghum, steamed asparagus, with a focus on rotating vegetables for microbiome diversity. Berries for dessert.
  2. Evening Supplements:
  • Aged Garlic Extract, Kyolic, 2 capsules
  • Arterosil, Designs for Health, 1 capsule
  • Broc Elite Plus, Mara Labs, 1 capsule
  • Curcumin Phytosome, Thorne, 1 capsule

  • Magnesium Threonate, Dr. Mercola, 2 capsules
  • Nitric Oxide Lozenge, Pneuma Nitric Oxide
  • Primal Multi, Designs for Health, 1 capsule
  • Vitamin C Time Release 1000mg, Solary
08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Nighttime Routine (08:00 PM - 10:00 PM)

  • Sleep Preparation: Dim lights, turn off electronics, wear tinted glasses, and engage in calm reading to encourage sleep readiness.
  • Sleep Time: Adjust room conditions for optimal sleep, utilizing air conditioning in summer.
During the day

Optimized Daily Health Routine by David J. Potter

Discover the intricate health routine meticulously designed by David J. Potter, a leading figure at the Institute of Regeneration. This routine emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness, combining nutritional guidance, physical activity, and advanced oral hygiene with a focus on both environmental and lifestyle improvements. Explore the full routine and more health insights at

Nutritional Guidelines and Advanced Oral Care

  • Holistic Meal Preparation: Every meal begins with glycine powder and Blood Vessel Formula to enhance digestion. Embrace slow eating and thorough chewing as part of your daily mealtime rituals.
  • Innovative Post-Meal Oral Hygiene: After meals, engage in a comprehensive dental care routine, including flossing, tongue scraping, and using Hydro Floss with hydrogen peroxide, ensuring optimal oral health.

Active Lifestyle and Engagement with Nature

  • Promoting an Active Work Environment: Incorporate the use of a standing desk throughout your workday to maintain an active lifestyle. Focus on keeping your spine correctly aligned and integrate short exercises into your daily routine for overall health.
  • Hydration and Outdoor Activities: Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly and ensure to spend time outdoors, benefiting from natural sunlight and fresh air.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Practices: When outside, practice intermittent hypoxic training to improve your breathing efficiency. Additionally, focusing on distant views can help maintain eye health.

Scheduled Health Maintenance

  • Seasonal and Routine Health Practices: Commit to grounding exercises weekly, and engage in monthly tasks such as dehumidifier maintenance and comprehensive home dusting. Quarterly health assessments, including plasma dilution, research on VSEL stem cells, and ozone therapy (Link), are vital components of this holistic health maintenance strategy.

Future Directions in Lifestyle and Health Technology

  • Dietary and Environmental Avoidances: Adhere to a detailed list of dietary and environmental factors to avoid, designed to minimize health risks and promote longevity.
  • Integration of Cutting-edge Health Innovations: Anticipate the incorporation of advanced health technologies, such as NanoVi (Link) and PEMF therapy, into the wellness regimen, reflecting a commitment to continuous health optimization.

Comprehensive Health Assessments and Environmental Considerations

  • Extensive Health Testing: Regularly perform both home-based and laboratory tests, including heart rate variability, VO2 max, and specialized medical panels like Genova Diagnostics and Prodrome Sciences, to monitor and adjust your health strategy accordingly.
  • Initial Environmental Health Adjustments: Set up your living space with health-enhancing adjustments, such as kitchen and whole house water filters (Kitchen Filter Link, Whole House Filter Link), air purifiers (Link), and ergonomic furniture, to support a toxin-free and health-optimized environment.


David J. Potter's daily routine, as detailed on the Institute of Regeneration's website, combines rigorous health practices with careful dietary and lifestyle choices to foster optimal well-being. For a deeper understanding of each element of this routine, visit

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