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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth (born 11 August 1983) is a Hollywood actor also known for a star role as Thor. After he discovered genetic risk for Alzheimer's, Hemsworth focuses on mental relaxation techniques, longevity exercises, sleeping

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Chris Hemsworth's Longevity Workout Protocol


Chris Hemsworth's workout routine at the age of 40 is structured around of longevity. His workout plan, or better call it longevity workout plan is a list functional strength exercises. This is one of first celebrity fitness routine protocol on

Originally sourced from BusinessInsider, and it was mentioned by David Barzilai, a well-known anti-aging doctor.

"Thor" actor started working for longevity since turning 40, and his workout routine is a mix of functional exercises helps him to build stability, rather just muscle mass.


Hemsworth wakes up at ~8 am. He starts the day with a protein shake, eats a light breakfast, and spends some quality time with his wife and three kids.

Once he gets going, Hemsworth’s first port of call is the gym for his morning workout routine.

Hemsworth`s Workout Routine Quick Overview

  • Goal: Longevity, stability, functional strength
  • Equipment: Bands, weights, sled, and a meditation app
  • Session Duration: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Frequency: Daily

Warm-Up Session (10-15 Minutes)

Purpose: Activate muscles & reduce risk of injury

Key Activities:

Booty Band Activation:

  • What to Do: Place elastic bands around your thighs. Perform side steps and air squats to wake up your glutes.
  • Why It Helps: Activates glutes, supporting lower back protection

Dynamic Stretches:

  • Exercises: Include leg swings and arm circles.
  • Benefits: Increases circulation and muscle readiness.
main exercise

Main Exercise Routine (40-50 Minutes)

"Thor" actor aims to build strength. His primary goal is to support everyday activities, enhance his stability

Key Exercises:

Sled Pushes/Pulls:

  • Action: Push a sled for 20 meters, then pull it back
  • Sets: 3 each of pushing and pulling

Farmer Carries:

  • Action: Carry weights in each hand and walk 30 meters
  • Sets: 3

Walking Lunges:

  • Action: Perform lunges for a distance of 30 meters Sets: 3


Recovery and Meditation (10-15 Minutes)

Chris Hemsworth's end of training is focused on boosting muscle recovery, and make better mental relaxation


  • Jumping into ice-bath
  • Guided Meditation: Centr App
  • Process: Lie back and follow the app’s guided meditation to unwind


  • Focus: Intensively Stretch muscles, with a priority to muscles were used during the workout

After Hemsworth discovered alzheimer’s risk, he prioritizes sleep more.

“I have a more consistent approach to my sleep… Try to stay off screens an hour before bed and read most nights definitely helps. In addition, focusing on not being attached to every thought and be the observer to the noise, when possible, just stepping back from the internal chatter.”

  • He tries to sleep at the same hour every night to make sure he gets enough rest

  • He launched Chris Hemsworth's "Power Sleep" series on the Centr platform

  • Sleep meditations that helps him fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. It includes include calming visualizations of serene beaches and ASMR sounds

  • Nightly Sleep Support: Use Centr App "SOS Return to Sleep"for middle-of-the-night awakenings

  • After the sleep in the morning: "Wake-up Energy" audio for a consistent wake-up time, and synced circadian rhymes for his better energy levels

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